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Findmypet –European Database has been created for one main purpose - to help at searching for animals. It allows for free of charge registration on the basis of identifiers or microchips- irrespective of their numbering. In case of animal’s going missing we can quickly help to spread the information in the Internet and make a ready to print information poster- just by one click.

  • Free registration and keeping the account in the future
  • International range
  • Access to the database all day long
  • Security- the database has been registered in GIODO

Place yours and your pupil’s data.

Detailed description of the animal will let us identify it, adding contact data will make it easier in case of finding the animal. All the time you can modify the info – for example: phone number change.In your profile you can:

  • Put your contact data
  • Add your pet’s description and data
  • Add your pupil’s photo
  • Add information about their health
  • Add additional info
  • Add rabies vaccination data- remind of the one coming

Remember - you choose and decide which info may be available for others.

If your pet goes missing.

It Sometimes happens that Animals go missing. In such situations time is the most important. Having registered with findmypet you can use tools , which effectively help one save time.


  • information about the missing pet goes to the findmypet missing animals list.
  • In just a glance you can make a poster by one click.
  • You get practical info which will help you search for it.

The poster contains all the necessary information helpful when searching, such as: The information that the animal is gone, master’s contact data, the map where it might have gone missing

Remember: The application form performs the tasks in around a minute. They usually may take more

When you have found a pet:

In case of finding an animal you can search through findmypet.eu European Animal Database by entering chip number / indentifier number or searching the list of missing animals.




IMPORTANT: If the found pet does not have the chip/identifier- you can search the list of missing animals if their master has reported them missing.