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How can I add my pet to findmypet database?

First of all,To add your pet you should register your account with findmypet.eu   In the database you can register your pet if you have:   findmypet tag rabies tag - "Rabieski" with numbers planted microchip from any producer   At least one of these numbers is required.  

Am I charged for using findmypet or for running my account?

  No, Findmypet European Database of Animals is free of charge. You do not pay for the register or for running your account.  

I have a registered chip in another database. Can I register it with findmypet?

  There are some other databases which register micro chips ( free of charge and chargeable). Mostly they have been created by companies that sell microchips. Because of the fact that the Polish law does not require for registration of animals with a microchip, there are not any “central” registers of animals with microchips. It means that there are not any privileged already existing databases.   That is why you should register your pet in findmypet even if the animal has been registered in another database- it increases the chances of finding it in an easier way.   Findmypet is a European Database- that is why all the microchips can be registered there.  

What kind of information about the pet should I post?

  The data about your pet Has been divided into Three sections:   Basic information In this section you can post some basic info about the pet such as the name, its photo, date of vaccination against rabies, identification numbers and chip numbers.   Description In this section you can add information about the breed , the gender, its weight, date of birth   Additional information In this section you can add info about Any special features of the Animal, its Marks, its ailments, illnesses or a special / prescribed diet. You can add info which has not been mentioned above / in other sections.  

Should All my personal information be visible for others?

In All the information Fields on the right side there is a blank space which is turned on as active in the search window. One can choose which information should be viewed by others, which should be kept personal. It concerns all the fields which may be filled in by the master- we do not aim to impose you which data has to or does not have to be viewed by others. One should remember that the more detailed it is, the bigger chances of finding the animal there are.