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Animals go missing- that’s a fact!

Walking our pet or taking it for holidays may unfortunately involve losing it or the animal could run away. Everyone who has experienced such a situation knows it really well. These moments may turn out to be very stressful as they are connected with searching and uncertainty of the master. In such situations one should prevent it by all means to minimize the risk.

About Us

Our team is represented by experienced specialists in the field of identifying animals. We have 5- year experience based upon cooperation with vets, growers, and animals' owners all over the country. Using positive practices in the range of animals search and experience in cooperation with our partners, we have conceived widely available and useful tool such as European Animal Professional and reliable approach regarding the matter of identifying and searching for missing animals gives rise to the project and its constant development according to our user's needs.

How it works?

The database allows us to register Animals for free, on the basis of identifiers and microchips regardless the numbering. In case of animals going missing , we can spread the information on the Internet and make a ready to print poster- by one click.
Such solution is time saving , which is valuable , in particular in the first hours after the animal going missing

Our mission

It is our goal to help when searching for animals and prevent such situations. That is why registration process if free.

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